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DayZ Introductory Thread


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Introduction to DayZ

Bohemia Interactive created and released DayZ, a survival video game. It is the standalone sequel to the same-named mod for the game ARMA 2.
The game was formally published in December 2018 for Windows after a five-year early access period, and in 2019 for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The game takes place in Chernarus, a fictional post-Soviet republic where a strange virus has converted the majority of the population into violent "infected". As a survivor, the player must scour the world seeking food, water, weapons, and medication while killing or avoiding the infected, as well as killing, evading, or cooperating with other players in order to stay alive.


The purpose of DayZ is to stay alive and healthy during the zombie apocalypse that has engulfed the in-game globe. The player starts with only a pair of simple clothes, a glow stick, and half of a bandage, and must begin wandering the 225-square-kilometer landscape of the fictional former Soviet Republic of Chernarus to scavenge resources from houses, farms, and flats. These commodities include food and water, both of which are essential for the player's survival.

Players can acquire numerous medical items while travelling about the game, since the environment provides a variety of risks to their heroes. Diseases such as cholera, dysentery, and hepatitis, which can be contracted by consuming contaminated water or rotting food and must be treated with the necessary medicines, are among the planned characteristics. Items on a player's person may be damaged if they are shot or otherwise injured. The player may also begin bleeding, which must be wrapped as soon as possible to prevent severe blood loss; excessive injury or blood loss may cause the player's vision to deteriorate significantly, rendering them comatose.

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Yeah, DayZ is a pretty serious survivor game. It requires a lot of patience to play this game. Rust is more of a fun based survival game. But this is a more realistic survival game. I like how you can easily relate to the real world in this game.

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