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5 Most important rules when starting out in Rust


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Starting out in Rust is not an easy job, specially joining a server for the first time and just trying to survive. These are the 5 important things that I learned throughout my first few weeks playing the game.

Tools Before Weapons

When you join a server for the first time, specially after a wipe, it can be quite overwhelming. You are forced to make a decision on whether to start crafting tools or weapons. Of course, crafting weapons means you can easily kill other players before they have a chance to even get a basic weapon. However, this was a mistake, if you focus on weapons before tools you are destined to fail the rest of the wipe. Why? Because in Rust you need to quickly build up a base and upgrade your tools to get better weapons to progress faster. In order to do that you need resources and to gather resources faster you need tools, that rock is not going to help you gather resources faster than anyone else. So start crafting your tools and keep replenishing your tools when they break.

Trust No One

This is the most important rule in Rust, trust absolutely no one. Most players on Rust are quite toxic, and as a matter of fact Rust's player base is entirely toxic. This does not mean that you should not play the game, cause why not? It's an amazing game to play. If you let someone into your base or team, there could be a high chance that the person will take over your base and leave you with nothing. But of course once in a while you will meet a Samaritan who just wants to help. You would have better chances of meeting players outside the game and meet up in game to actually enjoy the game. Heck! You can even find some players through the Barely Survived forums.

Use the Revolver

A lot of players really underestimate this weapon in game and focus on trying to get SAR's or AK's. But the revolver highly accurate, deals significant damage and inexpensive to use. You just need basic pistol ammo in order to make bullets for it. This makes it a very handy gun to keep when doing your supply runs in Rust.

Collect Wood

This is the staple for many craftable items in Rust. From crafting bases, to tools, to weapons, and high tier weapons and most importantly for upkeep of your base throughout the wipe. Always be collecting wood and keep a healthy supply in stock when you can. I cannot imagine the amount of times I ran out of wood and my base started to decay, putting me in a position where I have to abandon everything I was doing in order to go collect some wood to protect my base.

Just Run

When you first join the game, it can be quite intimidating to kill other players and collect their loot. But don't forget, you might never know what weapon they might be hiding, even for a naked they might be carrying a revolver. You could end up loosing everything that you just collected by trying to run up on them. The basic rule of thumb is to "RUN" when you hear gunshots in the first few days of the game.

Once you have crafted enough weapons and ammo and kits, feel free to run up on gun shots and counter as many raids as you can.

So yeah, these were a few things I learned during my first few weeks of playing Rust. What do you think? Do you have your own set of rules for starting out?

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