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Want to have a forum dedicated to a particular game? Well think no further, we are always looking for new games to add to the forums. But of course it requires to pass the below requirements in order for it to be approved and added to the forums.

Basic Requirements

  • A minimum of 50 posts in order to request a forum.
  • The game requested has to be a survival based game.
  • Has to have a total of 20 likes on your post for the request from members throughout the forum.
  • A brief description as to why you think a forum for that game would benefit the community.


  • If a forum was created for the game you requested and if it has no activity for 30 days it will be removed and the existing posts will be merged with 'Other Survival Games'.
  • If your request has nothing to do with a Survival Game, the request will be closed immediately.
  • Please do not abuse the request's system, your account will be warned.
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