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  2. Yeah, there is that too. I think people are also getting used to the pandemic and changing their habits to live around the pandemic right?
  3. I just snatched GTA IV for $5 lol. Probably the best $5 I spent this month haha.
  4. Yeah, DayZ is a pretty serious survivor game. It requires a lot of patience to play this game. Rust is more of a fun based survival game. But this is a more realistic survival game. I like how you can easily relate to the real world in this game.
  5. Thank you, looking forward to seeing this community flourish.
  6. Yep, it is on sale at Steam. The graphics is just amazing on Subnautica, 10/10. You can easily get lost just admiring the graphics of this game.
  7. Yeah, it's a pretty game. I like how they make you survive, and you have to keep island hopping in order to actually survive. Different island provide you with different resources that help your survival.
  8. This was one of the best updates for Rust this year, I can't wait to have my very own pet monster. Just amazing!
  9. Yes, indeed, I will add a separate topic for raiding. Thank you. I tried my best to keep it simple. Let me know if I have missed out on anything.
  10. Amazing tutorial @Nous, I agree with the tools over weapons tactic. I faced numerous times when I tried getting weapons instead of tools, and it backfired on me so many times. Always make sure you have the weapons necessary with you at all times.
  11. Currently, re-playing GTA V. Might get back into Rust once I manage to update it, lol. I have a pending 4 GB update for Rust at the moment.
  12. I honestly don't think it will end anytime soon. Everyone will have to get on with the new normal, most companies have started enforcing a remote work movement as well influenced by the pandemic of course.
  13. I saw this for $8 on steam today for the Halloween sale. Looks like a visually stunning game to play when you want to just play at your own pace. Might look at buying this game soon.
  14. Once again, an amazing introduction thread @Bandit. I like DayZ, but it's a bit too serious for my survival taste. I like the lines in which Rust is built on, where it's a fun and challenging environment to play on.
  15. Steam just rolled out it's Halloween sale today, did anyone have a look at it? What games did you buy on this sale? The sale runs from October 28 to November 04.
  16. Starting out in Rust is not an easy job, specially joining a server for the first time and just trying to survive. These are the 5 important things that I learned throughout my first few weeks playing the game. Tools Before Weapons When you join a server for the first time, specially after a wipe, it can be quite overwhelming. You are forced to make a decision on whether to start crafting tools or weapons. Of course, crafting weapons means you can easily kill other players before they have a chance to even get a basic weapon. However, this was a mistake, if you focus on weapons before tools you are destined to fail the rest of the wipe. Why? Because in Rust you need to quickly build up a base and upgrade your tools to get better weapons to progress faster. In order to do that you need resources and to gather resources faster you need tools, that rock is not going to help you gather resources faster than anyone else. So start crafting your tools and keep replenishing your tools when they break. Trust No One This is the most important rule in Rust, trust absolutely no one. Most players on Rust are quite toxic, and as a matter of fact Rust's player base is entirely toxic. This does not mean that you should not play the game, cause why not? It's an amazing game to play. If you let someone into your base or team, there could be a high chance that the person will take over your base and leave you with nothing. But of course once in a while you will meet a Samaritan who just wants to help. You would have better chances of meeting players outside the game and meet up in game to actually enjoy the game. Heck! You can even find some players through the Barely Survived forums. Use the Revolver A lot of players really underestimate this weapon in game and focus on trying to get SAR's or AK's. But the revolver highly accurate, deals significant damage and inexpensive to use. You just need basic pistol ammo in order to make bullets for it. This makes it a very handy gun to keep when doing your supply runs in Rust. Collect Wood This is the staple for many craftable items in Rust. From crafting bases, to tools, to weapons, and high tier weapons and most importantly for upkeep of your base throughout the wipe. Always be collecting wood and keep a healthy supply in stock when you can. I cannot imagine the amount of times I ran out of wood and my base started to decay, putting me in a position where I have to abandon everything I was doing in order to go collect some wood to protect my base. Just Run When you first join the game, it can be quite intimidating to kill other players and collect their loot. But don't forget, you might never know what weapon they might be hiding, even for a naked they might be carrying a revolver. You could end up loosing everything that you just collected by trying to run up on them. The basic rule of thumb is to "RUN" when you hear gunshots in the first few days of the game. Once you have crafted enough weapons and ammo and kits, feel free to run up on gun shots and counter as many raids as you can. So yeah, these were a few things I learned during my first few weeks of playing Rust. What do you think? Do you have your own set of rules for starting out?
  17. Rust has just announced its Halloween Event on their website. The Halloween event will run until November 4th and this year, they are featuring a few amazing things with this new update, which includes the following. Frankenstein's Monster Trick or Treat Event Halloween Items Pumpkin Carving Competition Frankenstein's Monster This is considered to be a pet monster, which can be crafted using head, torso and legs. You can collect these by slaying scarecrows and mummies which roam the lands. You need to craft a Frankenstein's table where you place the collected parts in order to awaken the pet monster. Furthermore, you can control it by pressing "P". Trick or Treat Event A candy hunt event will be in place every two in-game days. You'll have three minutes to gather as many candies as possible. As a prize, the top three players receive special loot bags. These candy and loot bags can be opened to reveal a variety of items ranging from scrap to an M249! It's fine if you don't make the podium. You can upgrade the Candies you acquire to get better prizes. Halloween Items Facepunch has also added a few Halloween themed items to its store. Pumpkin Carving Competition Facepunch is also running a Pumpkin carving competition via Twitter. You have to carve a pumpkin using the in-game carvable pumpkin item and post it on Twitter using the #RustHalloween tag. More information on prices can be read here.
  18. Well we have been in this pandemic for over two years now. Do you think the pandemic is over? Do you think that COVID-19 is coming to an end anytime soon?
  19. A very straight forward question. What game are you playing right now? I am playing Rust at the moment. You?
  20. Another survival game that has hit the charts on Twitch following its release is Subnautica. You play as a stranded astronaut seeking ways to fix your ship to head back to your planet. Trailer: Have you played this game before? What do you think of it as a survival game?
  21. Introduction to Valheim Valheim is a sandbox survival game developed by the Swedish studio Iron Gate Studio. It was published in early access for Windows and Linux on Steam on February 2, 2021, by Coffee Stain Studios. Valheim is set in a universe where slain Vikings must show their worth in order to enter Valhalla's halls. As such, the player starts with nothing and quickly learns that the only way to reach the Norse afterlife is to vanquish the horrors that hound Valheim. The player must prepare to face Odin's sworn enemies, guided only by their intuition and occasional suggestions from a raven. Fun fact: Gameplay To live, players must create tools, establish shelters, and combat foes like fallen Vikings. The game has low-resolution stylized 3D graphics, a third-person perspective, and an action-game-inspired combat system. Cooperative gameplay with up to 10 individuals is possible, as well as optional PVP gameplay. Meadows, Black Forest, Swamp, Mountains, Plains, Ocean, Mist lands, Deep North, and Ash lands are among the procedurally produced biomes. Each biome features a unique difficulty level, complete with unique opponents, bosses, and items. Because of the game's unique food system, in-game hunting, foraging, and farming are essential for progression: the quantity of health and stamina available to a player is determined by the variety and quality of the food consumed. A skill-level system is also used in the game, which goes from blocking to running. Each talent has varied effects on the game mechanics and can be levelled up to 100. The spear's skill, for example, determines how much damage the player can deal with spears, while the running skill determines how much energy is depleted when sprinting. The main goal of the game is to defeat the five bosses that are scattered throughout the game's biomes. Each boss must be summoned with a specific offering. A trophy will be dropped once the boss has been defeated; this trophy must be put at the God's Altar to obtain a special power up. One- and two-handed weapons, shields, bows, and spears are all used in combat. Players can travel between biomes on foot or on specially crafted boats, which range from rafts to various sorts of Viking longships.
  22. Want to have a forum dedicated to a particular game? Well think no further, we are always looking for new games to add to the forums. But of course it requires to pass the below requirements in order for it to be approved and added to the forums. Basic Requirements A minimum of 50 posts in order to request a forum. The game requested has to be a survival based game. Has to have a total of 20 likes on your post for the request from members throughout the forum. A brief description as to why you think a forum for that game would benefit the community. Disclaimer If a forum was created for the game you requested and if it has no activity for 30 days it will be removed and the existing posts will be merged with 'Other Survival Games'. If your request has nothing to do with a Survival Game, the request will be closed immediately. Please do not abuse the request's system, your account will be warned.
  23. Hey guys, I got some amazing news. We are currently setting up a Guilded server for Barely Survived. The Guilded server will mostly be used for fast-paced chats, which include the following: Looking for Groups (LFG) Stream announcements Hype discussions about Survival Games Voice Chats Community Events These are just a few of the uses for our Guilded server. We will use Guilded when ever suitable for the community. Join our Guilded Server!
  24. Bandit

    Twitch Drop Thread

    Let's dedicate this thread for updating about upcoming Twitch Drops. Next Drop: November 20 at 6:00 PM UTC until November 27 at 6:00 PM UTC. We will keep updating when new drops come in and also share what drops are being active during the drop periods.
  25. Oh! Hello there! Welcome to Barely Survived.

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